Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Movers and (Salt) Shakers

To allay all of your worries and fears, you should know that I managed a trip to Whole Foods today and restocked my Greek yogurt supply. I'm feeling much better now. Yes, the other brand was a reasonable substitute, but much like exercise for love, it wasn't exactly what I needed, and when the real thing is available, I'm gonna take that option every time.

Speaking of exercise, I forgot to tell you that I still love spinning. I had that bad morning and was ready to write it off, but persevered and am back in the groove. I realized today that I strongly prefer the 6:00 a.m. working-bloke class over the 8:30 a.m. at-home-mom hour. I'm gonna be brutally honest here -- not such a polite crowd at the latter class. Less chatty and not so friendly. A bit on the snotty side, really. Self-obsessed. And when I mentioned to the instructor one day that I had a job and wouldn't be such a regular, the inaudible gasp and subsequent total alienation was palpable. No love lost there. I dig my pre-dawn addicts all the more now.

And running. Don't get me started. Yesterday I ran six miles and was ready for more but I had to get home to get the kids ready for school. I really do need to pick up my pace or plot 90 minutes out of my sleep schedule to get more mileage in. It's a fun infatuation. At least until the temps drop below 40 degrees.

So I'm getting ready-ish for the move. In my days off this week I managed to get most of the utilities set up and have dug about town for furnishings and whatnot. I'll tell the kids this weekend and take them over to see the place. Then I'll feel a bit more comfortable dismantling portions of this house. I did sort through one cabinet in the kitchen this morning. I was astounded at how much I packed, how much I threw out and how much remained for Martin's use. And that's only 1/10th of what needs to be done. In the kitchen.

Much work to be done. Maybe I should get movin'. Literally.

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