Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She's Baa-aack!

What a long two weeks it has been! Window broken, purse stolen, home changin', phone gettin', full week o' workin', bank account fussin', late night bowlin' and I'm sure a couple of other big events that have fallen by the wayside while I was anxiously awaiting the connection of the precious internet to my shiny new digs. And then another two days passed before my friendly ex- and personal computer doctor trouble-shot and replaced the network card on this aging beast of a p.c. (Thank you, Martin)

So finally, I have returned. And I need your phone number. Most thieves don't leave the sim card behind when stealing a phone. So if you want me to call you in my abundant free time, email me your digits at and I'll get you programmed in.

And the house is Great! I'm settling in fairly quickly and am thrilled every time I cross the threshold. I've had the honor of enjoying several friends' company here and I can't wait to throw a shindig. (Probably two weeks from Saturday if you're near your calendar.) It's a warm and friendly house with lots of built-in happiness from residents past. The energy here is great and I'm even sleeping well. It's absolutely my home and I'm certain many good things will come my way while I'm here. Perhaps you could come my way. That would be good :)

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