Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Big Fat Greek Housewarming

It had been four weeks to the day since Concert Katrina and I victoriously moved a pretty fair sum of belongings from Horton St. to Delmar when it only seemed appropriate to open up the new house to any one daring enough to subject themselves to my rusty hostess skills. And lucky for me, 25 folks came.

Last night my home was filled with fun and food and friends. I served a Greek-ish spread of felafel, hummus, tzatziki, pita, spinach rice balls, gyro meat, pasta salad, a couple of other sides and even though I said you'd be the second to know when I made it (and clearly, you're not), the Greek Yogurt Cheesecake with Ouzo Poached Figs. I'm fairly certain no one went hungry and Hostess Treat Claudia experienced her first Mediterranean meal. (I'm ready for you to come over again -- it's been 24 hours, after all). I'd never made felafel from scratch and the cheesecake was a first for me too, but luckily no one gagged (at least not in my presence) and I really had a great time making the dishes.

It was fun to introduce my friends to each other too. A few readers were in attendance and I was able to put faces with nicknames. Chef, who has more dirt on me than anyone around, kept my dignity reasonably intact (to the best of my knowledge). MySpace Steve and his new love came by along with a couple of their friends (I have an adventure to share about them -- someday soon), Mrs. Diggs and her brood joined in, Wasabi Boy stopped in for awhile, Activities Assistant (we've got to get you a kitschy name, Josh) brought an HCC volunteer and her boyfriend. Bummed Billy didn't make it. And on that note, there were so many others I would have loved to have shown off. Know that you're all welcome any time. This house is very eager to have you to come over.

And after I tidied up the chaos this morning, my home thanked me and gave me a big hug. It's ready for more.


Anonymous said...

Glad to know it was a hit, and I am so sorry I couldnt get there. DANG DANG DANg... (and not just for the food) libby

Billy Jo said...

I was so disappointed I couldn't make it, but I didn't want to be a big downer. We'll get together soon, though. :) Much love!