Friday, December 12, 2008

Sit and/or Spin

Twice this week my exercise plans have been blown out of the water by circumstances completely beyond my control. Hmmm. That might be a exaggeration. But really. I'm desperately seeking a place for the blame, and I'd prefer it not be my own shoulders.

So Monday I woke well before the sun and gleefully headed to my class. It was a fair morning, probably already 40 degrees, and after leaving the house, realized it would probably be a good day to run. But I had missed that class for almost three weeks due to work (and perhaps a bit of play), so I faithfully drove toward the gym. And then Hot Red Speed's idle slowed a bit, and just as quickly as it had started a few minutes prior, the engine stalled. And I knew what had happened. I had run out of gas. I had run out of gas. What 38 year old runs out of gas? Ok. Please listen to my excuse. Please! I had just come off my long working weekend. You know, the one where I go to work at 6 a.m. both days and return after 6 p.m. both days. The little gas light made itself known over the weekend but I continually ignored it. Before dawn, it hardly seemed prudent. After my days ended, I was rushing home to get to the kids. Sure, I typically have some down time on those days, but why on earth would I consider buying gasoline when I could be reading a cookbook? Anyway. A kind young man stopped to help (I didn't feel comfortable leaving my van unattended in the left turn lane of Ward Parkway at Gregory), brought me a couple gallons and I made it home. . .but not before stopping for petrol.

And then today. My Friday class involves a speedy drive from dropping the kids at school to the gym. I typically make it there very shortly before it starts. Which is fine, except I don't get one of the "good" bikes for those classes. But I was ready to go nonetheless. And as I pulled up to the elementary, Audrey sadly realized she'd forgotten her backpack (though she had remembered her treasured unicorn, Pretty). So I dutifully headed home to retrieve her schoolwork and took it back to her, knowing yet another plan to enjoy my spinning buzz had been foiled.

Now, sure. I could've gone on in and run on the treadmill or lifted weights, or both. . .but I know you've been missing my ramblings. Right?


Casey said...

I almost ran out of gas the other day, too! I pulled in to the gas station with my mountaineer's miles left until empty at 1.

Anonymous said...

I almost ran out of gas as well. I think it may well have been the same day. Luckily, I noticed that I had (YIKES!) ZERO miles left until I was empty just before I was at an exit ramp, AND luckily there was a gas station at that exit ramp. Whew! Close call avoided. Suzanne even managed to sleep through the whole thing (due to the fact that she started with a case of strep throat that day).

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't have as good of luck,