Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolution Solution

I don't think I'll go all "Year in Review" just yet. Mountain of Laundry's anniversary is mid-January and that seems a more appropriate time to address twelve months of happenings here. At the same time, I'm very excited for 2009 and the wondrous possibilities it brings. Though tumultuous at times, last year was the most amazing of my life. Change is good.

I'm about to wrap my long workweek as well as ship the kids back to school on Monday so I'm hoping to rediscover the balance that I was close to capturing before that whole mess o' holiday madness began a month or so ago. It would be good to empty the mail drawer that is near overflowing. I still need to complete my insurance claim for the purse theft. Yes. That was October.

As for resolutions, I haven't written any down (I guess this is my opportunity, eh?). Something I've been saying for awhile now is that I'd consider new career possibilities early in the year. Not that I want to jump ship at Hope Care Center, I just need to take a good hard look at what I enjoy to see if it can translate into a viable source of income. I have three wonderful children who will likely go to college in the not-too-distant future. It would be good to have more than $8 at the end of the month to sock into savings.

I'd also like to run a half-marathon this year. Mark ran one in November and really got me itching to challenge myself to that degree. I've lost my exercise mojo. Though I continue to run and spin and lift weights and yoga, the endorphin high is negligible. And the craving is all but gone. I hope a personal challenge will help bring back that lovin' feeling.

Then there are folks with whom I've completely lost touch. Christine, Casey, Eleanor and Mrs. Diggs come to mind immediately, but I know if I had my old phone, I'd be shocked at the sheer numbers of those I've been remiss in contacting. I will be a better friend in the new year.

The last that comes to mind right now (as it directly relates to the last paragraph) is that I entertain more often. This house is begging to be filled with food and laughter. I'll cover the food part. You bring the laughter.

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Casey said...

What are you doing June 6? Would you like to kill yourself with me on the Hospital Hill Run? I've always wanted to do it...ever since high school...and never have. I am so sad...Lawrence's half marathon has been canceled for 2009! I have lost my exercise mojo as well, but hope to get it back. "But I can't think about that today. I'll think about it tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day."