Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dumb. . .Luck

I had the best menu last night at work. The residents had the choices of Lo Mien Noodles, Vegetable and Chicken Curry or Gyros with Tzatziki. I was giddy to prepare all of these meals, though not overly confident that they would all pass their, "Is there a lot of meat in it?" test.

I needed to run to the Mediterranean market for the gyro meat and pita as well as some Greek yogurt to make the Tzatziki. And as I had trekked a good portion of the way home, I figured I could drive a couple extra miles to grab my mandoline. Uniformly sliced vegetables are dreamy, after all.

When I got to Casa Del Mar (I'm trying out names for the house -- feel free to weigh in) I left the car running in the driveway, opened the garage door and zipped into the house to quickly get the mandoline and say a happy "hello" to the cat when I heard a fairly dramatic CRASH! My first reaction was to ask Charlie what on earth she had knocked down, but realized that a nine pound feline was not capable of creating such a disaster. I carefully turned around and could see Hot Red Speed through the garage window. But remember. . .I had left the van in the driveway. Something told me this was not a good situation.

I calmly (Seriously. I didn't panic at all. Martin will never believe it though.) exited the front door (since there was a ton of metal pressed against the back of my garage), got in the van, confirmed that I had, in fact, left it in gear (you know I was desperately hoping I wouldn't have to take the blame for this, right?), backed up a bit, heard crazy scraping sounds, moved the wheel barrow that was making said sound, and carefully, s l o w l y, made my way back to the driveway, amazed that I had not taken out the door rails or the back wall or my front fender or a slow-moving squirrel (hey, it was a very cold day). I will need to replace one piece of trim on the garage -- probably $15 max, and did a bit of a number on the paint on the passenger side of the van, but really, for all of my stupidity, I'm remarkably fortunate.

And without so much as skipping a beat, I returned to the house for the mandoline, grabbed a quick drink (you can read that any way you'd like) and headed back to work. Shaken, but not stirred.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Girl who is your gardian angel!?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that everything turned out okay, and that you didn't over react, especially because in the end there was no reason to have done so.