Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hitting the Links

In keeping with the theme of my last few posts, I'll continue this evening on the subject of friends, this time, giving a shout-out to those who, like me, put their lives (or selective portions thereof) on the world wide web for all to see. Off to your left, you can see the People and Places I Dig list that's been around for awhile. Today I've added new people to the column.

First, through the magic of Facebook, I was recently found by my very first Kansas City friend. She and I met a few weeks after we moved here from L.A. Our sons were in swimming lessons together and we bonded over how hard it was to make friends in K.C. She was a temporary transplant from Colorado and an at-home-mom to her two boys. We started a weekly playdate, shared meals and I had the joy of introducing her to estate sales. Meet Tracy. She's back in Colorado and has returned to school to pursue a nursing degree. Somehow she finds the time to share her many adventures online. I'll be taking notes on how she fits it all on one plate.

Secondly, through the magic of friends of friends, I now know Christina. She's a regular companion of Sparky and Billy and a volunteer at Hope Care Center (among many, many other things). She played along for bread baking lessons here at Casa Del Mar and has more than one blog up and running, but the one I check in on is Vegan on the Cheap. Cheap + Food. Mmmmmm.

And lastly, through the magic of an AOL chatroom (is there any more embarrassing phrase?) I know my friend of now more than twelve years. Alex has watched me grow up from an at-home-mom of one diapered baby to a soon-to-be divorcee working mother of three. And we've only spent three days in each others' physical presence. Ours is a friendship for the ages, and as much as I was hoping my house would become the place where she would be forced to store all of her art, it seems she is developing a following and now has a blog about herself and her gift. Check her out, as well as her store on Etsy.

So now I've given you something else to do when I forget about my Mountain for long periods of time. See how much I love you?

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alex said...

You are such a sweet, darling friend. Oh, I'll always be thankful for being the wayback n00b geek in a long ago AOL chatroom! OMG, though. 12 years??! Ahhhhh!