Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

I'm quite cozy this morning, surfing the web and pouring out my soul to you from the comfort of my electric blanket-topped bed. And for this, I must thank a multitude of friends. Sure, it might seem a simple pleasure to most, but this opportunity is the direct result of the generosity of those who I love.

Remember back to when I was gifted a laptop from Teri, just a day or so after wishing for it? As kind a donation it was, I was router-less...until Reader and Friend Betsey read my post, offered one and brought it when her family visited from Cincinnati in December.

Clearly delusional, I attempted to set up router and computer with my existing internet service. Not my forte. Existing passwords stymied me immediately, as well as an overloaded desktop that, if I had my druthers, I would have wiped clean with nary a second thought. But I didn't. I asked for help.

Because I have the best friends in the world.

So Sparky and Billy came over for dinner. It was another fun recipe search as Sparky is living a lower-carb lifestyle right now. I found a Tofu with Thai Curry Sauce that I made years ago, added a sweet and sour red cabbage and Sparky made delicious flax seed bread (I'll get his recipe to add a link) and the kids and grownups enjoyed another tasty meal. Well, the kids protested the spiciness, but all of the plates magically ended up clean anyway...

Then we took a deep breath and headed to the chilly basement to see what could be done. I don't know how he did it, how his brain works or where he keeps his magic wand, but Billy managed to override passwords, clean desktops and configure, er, um, stuff so I now can sit cozily in my bed -- or wherever the heck I wish -- to, for lack of a better word, compute. Need I remind you how ridiculously charmed my life is?


tz said...'s so lovely to have friends like that..

Anonymous said...

Of course, it'd be even better if you had friends who kept better track of their old passwords, so you wouldn't have to go through so much to get a hand-me-down wireless router working! I promise I have all of my current passwords organized now! Unfortunately I still don't have our "new" wireless router hooked up in our "new" house, and we'll have been here for 2 years in July. But partly it hasn't been as important to set it up with the lay-out of this house.

Glad you're enjoying your peaceful computer time.

We're having a snow day which is much nicer than the week without power we had in the Fall.