Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mission: Accomplished

I opened it. I carefully read the directions. I used it. I did not injure myself.

You're just going to have to trust that this is me behind the red tresses, bravely facing the enemy. (I promise that when I cook at work, the hair is neatly tucked away.) The kids were quite excited as I made waffle-cut sweet potato chips tonight. "Nothing celebrates a milestone like deep frying," I always say. The chips were tasty, but not so delicious as my victory over my somewhat rational fear of hurling my extremities into razor sharp blades.

So I can sleep tonight knowing that I've conquered one of my many demons. And though a friend reminded me today that cutting off a finger still leaves nine spares, I'm grateful to have been given yet another day with all digits unscathed.


Anonymous said...

I believe I heard Rocky music while I read that post! you know the one!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you for overcoming your fear!

I guess my grave error was that I purchased mine from the Oriental grocery store off of Metcalf, so I am unable to read the directions. The only time that I'm brave enough to pull it out is to make potato latkes for Hanukkah. And I always have to fumble with it a bit to even figure out which attachment I want, etc. Maybe if I purchase an "English-version" that'll help me overcome my fear.

By the way, I'd welcome the addition of the Rocky Theme Song to your blog, because whenever I pull up your blog, I'm always startled by the pipe organ music.


Yoga Mama said...

Too funny. Found your blog through your Facebook profile. You must share some of your recipes!