Monday, February 2, 2009

And the Beet Goes On. . .

I've had a hankerin' for beets for the last few weeks. My body knows it's winter and the time is right for some tasty betanin (a phytochemical that's thought to bolster immunity). I've never prepared them, and haven't even eaten them since I was a kid. I remember home-canned jars of them lining the basement walls. I wasn't a fan then. Why on earth would I want them now?

Because they're earthy. Add to that healthy, low-calorie and red and you've got a winning combination in my book.

A few weeks ago, I picked up two small bunches at the market. Then life happened. And they turned to sad mush in my fridge (there's a reason folks use root cellars). Today being my day off, I needed a grocery fix. My fruit stash had made a run for the border and my icebox -- though far from bare -- needed a little boost. While at the store, I once again spotted the beets. I picked up a single bunch and promised myself I'd eat them. Today.
No surprise here. . .I used a recipe from my latest issue of Eating Well. Warm Beet & Spinach Salad. It came together in about half an hour and was absolutely delightful. There's none left for sharing, so I'll scout more beet ideas and share them with the kids when they're here later this week. I can promise they'll be better than the specimens from the glass jars of my childhood.

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Billy Jo said...

I <3 beets. My grandma used to--and sometimes still does, I suppose--fill a glass gallon tea jar with canned beets and hard boiled eggs and let it brew for a few weeks. BEET-EGGS = NOM.