Saturday, February 7, 2009

Coincidence would be putting it mildly. . .

Last night when I picked the kids up from a friend's house (oh yeah, did I forget to tell you that Martin is in Haiti for a couple of weeks?), Audrey innocently asked if we might be able to swim this weekend. As it is my light week, I thought it wouldn't be such a big deal. We haven't been to the Y in awhile. "Probably," I replied. Then she mumbled, "I don't suppose we'll go to Great Wolf Lodge." "No," I responded. "I don't suppose."

On a seemingly unrelated note, I found a grade-school classmate just two days prior on Facebook. (Are you seeing a trend here? Addiction is a very strong word, albeit appropriate.) He had joined a just couple of days earlier and Facebook kindly suggested I might know him based on mutual friends. A few short comments were exchanged and he noted I lived in Kansas City. Saturday morning, his wall post told me he and his family would be visiting KC this weekend.

At the Great Wolf Lodge.

I didn't tell the kids right away -- I couldn't bear an entire day of, "When are we going?" and "Is it time yet?", so I led them to believe we were going to the Y for water play. Finally, I told them that we would be meeting up with an old, I mean long lost (does 23 years constitute long lost?) friend of mine and that he had four little girls. Isaac looked like someone had kicked him in the gut and was about to fuss that he wouldn't have anyone to play with when I simply asked, "When was the last time it was hard to find someone to hang out with at Great Wolf Lodge?" A priceless expression followed.

So we met up with Mike, his wife, their four daughters, and a whole slew of friends and relatives. I had a great time getting the scoop on the folks with whom I spent the years spanning 1978-1984. I don't attach myself to any "hometown," but I lived in Logan longer than any other. It was wonderful to hear that most of my 15 classmates are doing remarkably well and it seems as though Mike is some kind of Keeper of the Flame for all things good and otherwise in Logan, Kansas.

I'm not sure if this post is more about Audrey's prophetic utterance or the oddity that is the remarkable timing of it all. I think I'll simply chalk it up as another precious piece of my perfectly charmed life.

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