Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't Take It Personally...

An Update on My Silence

Now that we're at the end of February, I guess Chef and I have been performing at 150% for a full month now. Our kitchen is staffed by three...well, it's supposed to be. Our third team member has failed us, er, bailed on us, in order to pursue, well, maybe I should hush now and just say that we cannot, at this time, fill the position as it still belongs to said person. So Chef and I are shouldering the burden of three full-time employees on our two (somewhat weakened) backs.

Please forgive my lack of communication with you, here and otherwise. I'm not keeping up with anyone or anything (though I did manage to pay bills a couple of mornings ago).

All signs point to the likelihood of March following much the same pattern. The weary that follows me home is palpable...and has a bad aftertaste to boot.

Oh, did I mention that the insomnia is back?

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