Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hungry for Adventure

As of Sunday I had worked 19 of the previous 21 days. Pair that with sole parental care of my Three Little Diggs for most of the last two weeks and my mental state was somewhere in the realm of (whole wheat) toast. But that wasn't going to stop me from savoring my subsequent free days.

I was extraordinarily blessed over the weekend by Big Sis. She left her warm bed before 4:00 a.m. on Saturday to drive across this long, boring state and help supervise the young 'uns while I worked my long weekend. We had a nice visit each of her evenings here, though I think I snoozed off mid-sentence more than once. Isaac had a sleepover with a friend and his dad observed Sis and I, deciding that if the two of us were intermingled at a table with several others, most wouldn't guess us to be sisters. There are a couple of physical similarities, but our personalities are starkly different, along with our political leanings and spiritual paths. All of this being true, we still get along fairly fabulously -- especially in the company of wine.

On Monday I didn't work so we hit the town, kids in tow, to seek culinary treasure. Despite our differences, we both are irresistibly drawn to interesting foods and kitchen treasures. We stopped at The Better Cheddar, a gourmet shop sampling wonderful cheeses as well as chocolates, sauces and whatnot. Then to Taj Mahal (no passport necessary) for a phenomenal Indian buffet for lunch. After a generous fill-up, we headed to Phoenix for teas, Costco for wine and more cheese then to the River Market area to a restaurant supply store (we both needed half-sheet pans) and across the parking lot to Planters, a unique seed and spice shop. The kids tolerated us to some degree, but we had to abandon our field trip after that to set them free to roam the backyard in the (cool) sunshine. It was a rather full day, bookended with spinning class before sunrise and yoga in the evening.

She scooted back across the state early this morning. It was a fun visit and I'm glad she was willing and able to help me while Martin was out of the country. And I realized as I was driving my slightly bruised minivan through the city that in the last few months I've done enough gallivanting about town that I have a pretty good grasp of how Kansas City is put together. Sad that it took me more than five years to find the confidence to venture out, but it made yesterday's culinary quest all the more delicious.

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