Thursday, March 26, 2009

As Giddy as a School Girl

I realized a couple of weeks into my current work fiasco that there weren't many years that I could labor so very hard for so little money. I knew I needed to make a real effort to explore my possibilities for working smarter, not harder. Still unsure of what I wanted to be when I grew up, I tried to really open my heart and my mind to careers that would bring me a sense of fulfillment...along with a sweet paycheck.

It wasn't long after I declared my search to be a sincere one that a girl in one of my spinning classes asked me about a particular style of yoga. She knew I'd practiced for more than ten years and I was honored to weigh in with my opinion. A bit later she was discussing the same topic with the spinning instructor and I heard her say, "Well, my nutritionist said that Bikram yoga burns 900 calories a class." And of all of the words that were said that entire day, nutritionist rang in my ears over and over and over. After work and kids and bedtime I managed a few minutes to peruse the net. Nutritionist led to Dietitian and a great calm fell over me. I was home.

It is no great secret that of the few regrets I carry with me, the greatest is that I didn't finish my college education.

Now that's about to change.

I have enrolled at JCCC to begin classes this summer taking prerequisites for the Dietetics distance program from K-State. It will likely be a three year journey to my ultimate destination and I couldn't be more excited.

And now that I've told the world (or at least all fifteen of my readers), I guess I have to follow through on it. Gee, I wonder what I'll wear on my first day of school...

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Marcy said...

Hi Jennifer! I'm adding your blog to my Google Reader. It's great! I love your style of writing.

Here's a list of blogs I've been reading frequently:

There are more....but why introduce you to the flu when you can just have the sniffles?

Check out I'm trying the Pikachu pops for my kids this Easter and I HAVE to make the cake pops soon.