Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Testing -- Testing

While driving from my house to Martin's a few nights ago, I heard Audrey begin a story and Isaac quickly stopped her, saying, "You've told us that twenty times!"
Audrey: "Not twenty."
Isaac: "Well, it was an exaggeration."
Audrey: "It was figurative language."
Emily: "Or hyperbole."

I can sleep well tonight knowing that much to their schools' delight, my kids will perform well on their upcoming state tests. Thank goodness for No Child Left Behind. I feel much better now. (Do you hear a child in the background explaining that I just used sarcasm?)

And as an added bonus, Audrey (need I remind you she's not quite seven yet?) told me she learned a "sixth grade word" a few days prior. Onomatopoeia. And then she had to refresh my memory as to its meaning. I guess I'll start throwing around French cooking terms so I can feel smart around my children.

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Casey said...

I used to love the month of March. Not so much anymore! :o) Onomatopoeia wasn't a sixth grade word in my day. My first recollection of it was in my AP English class junior year.