Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dating Problems

I like to think I'm continually bettering myself. With school starting in a mere month, I feel I'm well on my way. I try to improve my cooking and baking skills through research and trials. And I do my best each day to be a finer parent than the day before.

Tonight I outdid myself. You might remember a time when I showed up to Hostess Treat Claudia's party...a day late. Though it was a joyous mistake, and everyone had a great time, I promised myself I'd be far more conscientious about dates and times. But really, that was a long time ago...and how am I supposed to remember something so distant?!

Activities Assistant Josh turned 30 today. Last night I got an invite to his party at Missie B's. After 9...sure, I'd tuck the kids in and steal away for a short while. Gotta love being able to celebrate a dear friend, right? Well, I was home later than I'd anticipated. I had to make bread so Audrey could take a sandwich on a field trip tomorrow, then had to respond to a couple of emails, but managed to throw on my Blondes Have More Fun shirt, tucked my hair away and headed out the door. Arrived at the bar...not a place I frequent, but thought I'd see my friends right away. No such luck. Texted Josh, "Are you here?" He responded, "Where?" "Missie B's." "It's tomorrow night, dear."

Will I learn? I can't so much say. Will I try? Perhaps for awhile. I'm actually considering using a tool to help me keep important dates and times straight. A calendar, I believe it's called. I dunno...might be worth a try.

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