Saturday, April 25, 2009

Don't Play with Matches

Match stories? Seriously? Wasabi wants Match stories.

I initially dismissed the idea, thinking I'd give them to him in person in exchange for a Ginger-Lime Martini, but while out on my run yesterday, the idea of writing about them made sense...not sure how it will all fall into place, but here goes...

As I told you in the winter, I played for a month on the dating site. I had an absolute blast. Met several charmers and just one dud. Learned a little about myself. Made some friends. Not a bad investment, I'd say. And a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I'd like to play just a bit more before starting school in June so I re-upped my subscription, tweaked my profile and went at it again.

It has been very different this time around the block. Admittedly, my profile is a bit on the cynical side -- I'm not going to come right out and say that I am charming and witty and beautiful -- I have to make a short story long to test the patience of my reader. I'd hate for someone to ask me on a date and not understand that I'm long-winded...

Lessons learned:
-Age matters
-Poetry...takes my breath away. Who knew?
-Chemistry comes in surprising packages
-An English accent, or even the suggestion of one is an attention grabber
-I'm a sucker for a compliment to my writing -- even from 500 miles away
-I'm not playing fair if I wear the coral-colored shirt on a first date...or maybe ever

Questions left unanswered:
-Why do men from New York assume that if they wish to bed me, I will gratefully comply?
-Why does anyone think a "wink" is an acceptable form of flattery?
-What's the quickest way to get from inane conversing to a casual meeting?
-Seriously, the "winks"?

I was fortunate enough to have a certain someone set the bar rather high for those who would follow him, and I now have great expectations for he who seeks to share my time and attention. This has, of course, been a blessing as well as a curse. Most suitors don't make it to the starting gate, and a very few have begun the race. I'm not waiting for Wasabi II by any means. Not so much looking for my next great love, either. But you never know, he might be patiently sitting in my inbox at this very moment...though I'm certain he's not winking.

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