Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Fools of April

A week ago at spinning class, one gal commented she couldn't believe that a new month was around the corner. Another responded saying that she needed to come up with a good April Fool's Day joke or two. Never a big fan (I'm pretty sure there's a neon GULLIBLE target above my head), I suddenly thought of a way to mark the day with a great big exclamation point. But first, I needed to reel in the help of several others.

The first call was to Martin. Without his seal of approval, I would have never pursued such a stunt. He gleefully agreed that we should go for it and I was on to the next call. It took a day to contact the third party, who then was aided by several others in an attempt to pull of my silly idea.

What on earth was I up to? Knowing all requirements had been fulfilled, I thought if we could get our lawyers working quickly, we could have our divorce finalized on April Fool's Day. It seemed a fitting ending for a far-from-traditional marriage as well as the beginning of what we hope will continue to be a non-conformist divorce.

My attorney -- who'd just a week prior been transferred my case and had never met me -- giggled at the idea and then labored dutifully for a day and a half. On April 1 at 3:00, I left work to sign the final papers. She took said papers to Martin's attorney's office and he did his part at about 4:00. She then raced 15 miles hoping to have a judge declare the decree valid, which he did. But the end of the workday came and went before it was recorded at the courthouse.

So on April 2nd, 2009, our divorce was officially filed and recorded. I'm sure many take offense to the lighthearted approach we've taken to this process, but we have both been far happier since the separation. We communicate better and enjoy each others' company more. I might be delusional, but I'd even venture to guess that the kids have benefited by the genuine friendship that we now share. I don't know if it's because we should have just remained friends all those years ago or if we're both too lazy to play vindictive ex-spouse, but as long as we continue to support one another, I don't suppose it much matters.

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Christine said...

I am positive that your kids are benefiting from your relationship. The hardest part of growing up with divorced parents was feeling like I could not like both of them because they despised each other. Bravo to you for forging a new path for your kids. Maybe you should write a book? And Martin can sprinkle it with photos?