Monday, April 13, 2009

Plain Crash

I'm not even going to bother trying to play catch-up. I think mostly life has been mostly the same. Mostly.

I did, however, have a small glitch, bump, snafu, hiccup in my life this weekend. (Oh, let me backtrack...pleeeeease) The kids computer -- you know, the ancient one that lives in the chilly basement -- yes, that apparently died a few weeks ago. No one told me. I only realized it when the young'uns began using my fragile laptop several days ago. I ambitiously ventured downstairs, hoping it was a simple loose component or such luck. Call in Martin for aid? Perhaps a burial... Anyway, again, the kids had been knocking around on my computer and though I wasn't excited, I didn't think much of it. Audrey needs to feed her Littlest Pet Shop animals, after all. And I continued to use it for all of the various reasons that I do.

Until Sunday morning. I had actually taken the computer to bed with me (talk about a sad, single existence) because I felt a touch of insomnia coming on...or maybe I was awaiting a response to an email I'd sent earlier...or you could fill in the blank any way you at, let's say 3 a.m. or so, I open said laptop and it looked kinda puney. The happy lights that typically greeted me were dimmed. I let it know I required its services and it didn't respond. A quick blink of the lights was all it would say. No power. No internet. No love.

As I tried to return to sleep, lamenting the loss of my connection to the world, I made a new connection...the kids computer one week. Mine the next. An ugly virus swirling around the internet. Blech. The websites kids frequent are often wrought with bugs and worms and whatnot. I'd been attacked. Twice.

How much effort was I going to put into salvaging nine and six year old PCs? Um.....none. I bought a new laptop this morning. Set it up all by my lonesome. Sure, they're designed to work right out of the box, but I need to pat myself on the back about something.

Oh, delete that last back-pat. Here's a better one: I ice-skated today and only fell on my arse once. Or maybe that's a pat for another part...

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