Monday, May 4, 2009

Head to Toe(s)

Did you ever have a perfect day? One where the weather and friends and relaxing and fun all weave themselves neatly together in beautiful formation? Yes, I was blessed with one of those. [happy sigh]

It started this morning with a cuppa joe and Tattoo Steve (formerly known as MySpace Steve, formerly known as Most-Recent-Nice-Man-From-MySpace) introducing me to Scrabble on facebook. We sat side-by-side with computers on each of our laps, playing the game that used to involve wooden tiles, a gameboard and a table. He kicked my arse. Soundly. And I'll gladly go back for more. But my day off was waiting for me. And I had lofty goals to ignore.

I headed home and then back out for a my workout. I didn't have two hours to spare, so I only ran 5 1/2 miles (um, what does it mean when you have to stop running because your chest feels like it's in a vise grip?). It was quite lovely -- the chest clamp thing only lasted a minute or two -- and I'm telling you, a runner's high...delicious.

Many, many errands and chores and to-dos were waiting for me at home, but instead I chose to play a bit at the computer, eventually shower and then enjoyed a nibble before Mrs. Diggs came to my side of town for a pedicure and catch-up session. After she dropped me back at Casa Del Mar, I figured five months was long enough to wait for my stylist to find a new salon, so I ventured out for a haircut from someone new. And she loved my hair. I think I'll go back tomorrow for another...

There was just an hour before Monday yoga, so I bumped around a bit and then to the gym for class -- to which the instructor added ten minutes...oooohhhhhmmmmmmm. Another buzz. See why exercise is a reasonable substitute for love?

And the icing on the cake...Concert Katrina. I picked up Indian food and then to her sweet cottage for dinner and chatting and giggling and more Match stories than either of us wished we had.

So I selfishly indulged my soul today. My mountain of laundry grew while I was playing, yet I have no sorrow. I am joyful and refreshed and renewed. My next day off, Wednesday, will likely be a more formidable opponent, and I'm certain I will tackle it with nearly, nearly as much zest as I did this perfectly perfect Monday.


Anonymous said...

Paige and I missed you at spinning yesterday morning! Didn't realize there was a hot game of Scrabble going on..... :~D

Erin says she has a substitute lined up for Friday's class and the gal is Boot Camp to the max!


tz said...

you just described date night for Jason and I...we take his palm pilot w/ the scrabble application and pass it back and forth to each other over coffee...
sounds like a beautiful day!