Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pre-School Potluck

After 11 straight workdays, I met unemployment head-on with verve and panache. And my first day of "freedom" (of which there are only two) was a kid-full chore-full friend-full day of busyness. I hosted yet another potluck, even more sparsely attended than last, but once again, absolutely perfect.

Sparky and Billy, the Perkins Crew and Sensational Sarah Sutherland made up the core party crowd, with Chef and Jake arriving at the tail-end. We chatted for some time, noshed on fab sweets and snacks and then (thanks to Josh and Billy's brilliant bring-along) we played Trivial Pursuit. I must admit, I hadn't played in many, many years, and though in my high school heyday (this is where you chime in, Sam) I enjoyed reasonable success at the game, I was fairly certain I'd make a bleeping fool of myself. Alas, I did not...for we were playing Genus IV edition, also known as, "The Obvious Answer" edition. As a matter of fact, unless my friends were humoring me on the eve of the eve of my re-entry into school, I did quite well. And in the end, the girls won. Woot!

I was given wonderful reassurances by Rich, who finished his education in his adulthood, that with a sense of direction, school should be rather manageable. A lot of the excitement that I felt two months ago has morphed into nerves and self-doubt. I'm sure those fears will be allayed tomorrow when I start class and remember that kids do this every day.

My first two courses are Accounting and Anatomy (doesn't everyone do school in alphabetical order?) I won't hesitate to call on my many friends who are skilled in both of these subjects for tutoring, counseling and the occasional just-tell-me-the-answer-so-I-can-go-to-bed. But I'm pretty sure I can ingest what I've carefully placed on my plate.

Because reinventing myself has become a way of life for me -- a proverbial piece of (gluten-free) cake.

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whoinsamhill said...

Go ahead, a little piece of gluten won't hurt you! which is like what my family tells me after I've been chocolate free for six months!