Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Funny how three days of anatomy class has me confident that the half-marathon will be the easiest part of my week...heck, perhaps of the whole month!

I'm dizzy and tired and confused and filled with self-doubt and feeling as bi-polar as a reasonably sane girl could feel. Over the course of today I have considered dropping out of accounting, dropping out of anatomy, quitting everything, changing my major and then back to being optimistic and giddy, though not without a healthy dose of hesitation.

I've done virtually no accounting work. All of my minutes have been dedicated to anatomy. I've been hunched over the floor, scribbling on note cards and taking frequent mindless breaks. Get me on a roll, however, and I'm back to excited-ville, feeling like I have some kind of grasp on this maddening task I've tackled (or has it tackled me?) What I'm enjoying most about anatomy is a little book, my Dictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms. Though I have a fair take on the English language, I've never studied Latin or Greek and this baby makes some of those silly anatomical [ana: up, throughout; tom: cut; -icul: small] terms make sense. Of course, I find myself digging through it more than I should, making me wonder why I'm majoring in what I'm majoring in. Oh, because if I were an English major, that last sentence I ended with a preposition would have cost me precious percentages.

So back to dietetics. And studying. For a mere three years. Maybe I should buy myself a desk. This week has been hell on my post: behind, after; -ure: tail.


whoinsamhill said...

You had me worried there, but it's break-down as in prefix, suffix, root?

Casey said...

Jen, I'm "rooting" for you!!! You can do it!!

Anonymous said...

Don't let the accounting suffer. It's best to tackle the current material quickly and get the homework done while the lesson is still fresh in your head. :~D