Friday, June 26, 2009

Having My Cake and Eating It Too

My birthday consisted of much more than just the arrival of Vivianna. And though I'm unsure if I'm comfortable being the middle-aged woman who savors her birthday like a ten year old, that's apparently who I am (at least for the last couple of -- and probably the next few years). Looking for an excuse to treat myself well? Needing to be the center of attention? Just immature? Likely a rich combination of all of those.

It was, as expected, a glorious event. I truly enjoyed going to school for the first time ever on my big day. A couple of the gals in my study group greeted me immediately with a loud "Happy Birthday," and soon the rest of the anatomy class chimed in. Those 19 year-olds don't quite know what to think of someone like myself. I hope they don't have to reinvent themselves in 20 years, but if they do, I wish them all of the joy that I am experiencing as I do it.

School was followed by a delightful lunch with Tattoo Steve then the bulk of the afternoon with the infamous Mrs. Diggs, along with my Three Little Diggs and her two young 'uns. Drinks, pool time, drinks, dinner, drinks...delicious gluten-free cake. Her amazing husband, Jack, learned of Vivianna and generously gifted his father's motorcycle helmet to me. I hope he'll let me take him out for a spin next time he visits Casa Del Mar.

And though I'd hoped to take Viv out with The Sensational Sarah Sutherland and her scoot (I'm unsure if hers has a name), I had to return to my so-called-life and its responsibilities. An accounting test the following day called for at least a little studying. Ahhh, there's the disadvantage to going to school on your birthday!

As for my list, I did pretty well. Shortly after I posted my wishes, Beth in Cincinnati offered her mulching mower -- and an electric one at that -- for long term storage in my garage (and she delivers!) Mrs. Diggs covered the shovel and a portion of a deep freeze with a gift card. The good night's sleep? I think that one is on my shoulders.

All said, it was as wonderful a day as I could have envisioned. But it seems the passing of each 24 hour period brings a better one, so it was merely par for the course. And though I have yet to change my header to Exercise is a Delightful Compliment to Love, the last 12 months have brought me the astounding growth I promised myself...and then some.

Just wait until I turn 40...

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whoinsamhill said...

Great picture, the candle must mean one year shy of ...

And the match must mean one day missed of exercise!