Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Knowledge is Power

An interesting mix of emotions to close birthday month...

This morning as I approached my anatomy class, I found myself singing, "I just want to be okay". It's a message about being broken of sorts, and though I don't believe myself to be that (and am in a beautiful state of denial if so), I'm off kilter to say the very least...if only for the last couple of days.

I guess I'm closing birthday month in much the same way it began. In a quiet state of panic. Halfway through summer school, I'm no longer terrified of my educational goals. Quite the contrary, I'm elated. I cannot believe how excited I am to be learning. Every day I'm shoving new information into my head -- a lot of it interesting and pertinent to my future (and most certainly to late night bar conversations about bodily functions) and I'm remembering it. I'm gaining knowledge. I'm filing it away in places where I can access it. I'm embracing it. The shiny-new panic that has befallen me relates to just exactly how I'm going to finish this academic quest I've begun.

The plan I initially mapped out involved a year or so of prereqs at JCCC and then enrolling in distance learning classes at K-State to finish my dietetics degree. There are only a handful of programs in the US, and since none are in the KC area, this seemed a great solution. But a few weeks into school, I realize how much I value my classroom time and feel I will likely thrive in a brick-and-mortar establishment more so than an online program. So back to the ADA website to explore options.

A mere 60 miles away lies The University of Central Missouri (with mascots, the Mules and Jennies) where one of those few programs is offered. Yesterday I took the drive, talked to the dean and left all the more confused. Not the result I was going for, but the result nonetheless.

So Birthday Month ends and I have grown immensely, but am reminded that so much remains to be discovered, learned and acted upon. I wonder what I'll know (and not know) by the end of July...

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whoinsamhill said...

I hope you don't mind my one liners but broken is in the eye of the beholder, isn't it? And if you knew what you didn't know that would be wisdom, wouldn't it?