Monday, June 1, 2009

The New College Try

Here I sit. In my Chair of Fabulosity. In a quiet state of panic.

This whole school thing is, well, quite the undertaking.

I really dig my Anatomy instructor. He has a strong appreciation for words and spelling and respect (something that wasn't really addressed when I was in college some time ago because it was more or less assumed). He prefaced the class with a lecture on why one might consider dropping the class. "If you can't go 90 minutes without texting, you shouldn't take this class." "If you can't dedicate FORTY HOURS A WEEK TO STUDYING, you might not be cut out for this class." Now, I'm all about being stubborn and crazy and bucking the norm....but really? Okay. I'll bite. I'm in. I'm staying. And I'll do well.

Did you know there are a batrillion bones in your skull? The flashcards strewn about my living room floor tell me so.

Accounting.....meh. Funny, both instructors compared to their classes to learning another language, sans conjugating verbs (hey, why am I not studying Spanish?) The second teacher seems a bit of a ding-dong. Tomorrow will tell more. The accounting is a requirement for my dietetics degree and I can't quite tell why, so I'm a bit less sold on its necessity. (I don't suppose my opinion makes it any less a prerequisite, huh?) But I'll read and study and in a mere eight weeks, I'll be on summer break.

Back to the bones, openings, protrusions and sinuses of the skull. Don't you wish you were here?


Chgoest said...

Hi Jennifer!

Sounds like you had a great first day at school. Anatomy - thumbs up! Accounting - thumbs down. Accounting is tricky but the good news is you'll never have to take that class again once you pass the final exam! Yeah!

See you tomorrow?


Unknown said...

Frontal, parietal (2), Occipital, ephmoid, sphenoid (2), maxilla, mandible. Then there are the bajillion aspects of those damn bones.

~ Joshua