Thursday, June 11, 2009

Resolution v. Creation

I've never taken New Year's Resolutions seriously. I mean, if you're going to make a change in your life, why not now? October, July, whatever... The fourth or the 16th, what's holding you back?

Inspired by nothing more than needing to update my blog, I jotted down a few aspirations for the year. Turns out, maybe those silly annual declarations can have quite a backbone. I'll be honest, just days after writing them, they were all but forgotten. But I held my first of two potlucks at Casa Del Mar within a couple of weeks, taking a great stride toward my promise to entertain more often. With little effort, I became engrossed in Facebook, allowing me to check off the little box for keeping in better touch with friends (though I'll continue to work toward writing more personal email). Then came the staffing crisis at work that put a fire under my arse to look into creating a greater future for myself and my children. Finally, by virtue of Casey's comment on the aforementioned post, I set my sites on the Hospital Hill Half Marathon, which I completed Saturday.

So just shy of mid-year, I'm done. Four resolutions written. Four accomplished. I suppose I should write down a few more goals to take me through the rest of 2009. And I'll most certainly blurt them out for all to hear. Accountability is a remarkable tool!

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whoinsamhill said...

While I have read your blog but up to July, I think, 2008, I swear somewhere you wrote these exact words, even the half marathon? Perhaps this is deja vu or perhaps senility. (On my part!)