Sunday, August 23, 2009

Love Muffins

This weekend brought another visit with The Poet and his precious Emma. Saturday was an extra-special day for the little one as her great aunt would be treating her to a back-to-school shopping trip (is it back-to-school if you're going to kindergarten?) Said aunt (and uncle) live in the Kansas City area, so I left the Three Little Diggs with Martin for a few hours while The Poet, Emma and I drove across the city. A surprise was awaiting Miss Emma. Her grandma, The Poet's mom, had traveled more than a few miles to share the joy of the day. This also meant (drumroll please...) I was going to meet Mom.

The Poet has a beautiful relationship with his mom...heck...his whole family. Rarely do we make it through a conversation without a new story about mischief with one or more cousins, the powerful "coven" women who lead the families or how Crazy Uncle Dick once caught a flaming marshmallow with his bare hand while on a five-plus month hike through the Appalachians. And I was about to walk into this powerful vortex of love armed with little more than a smile and some zucchini bread.

We arrived at Aunt Lisi and (Crazy) Uncle Dick's house and before we had exited the car, were greeted by a houseful of folks. Hugs were immediately dispensed (thank goodness...I'm a hugger too). A casual breakfast was planned before the big shopping trip so we headed indoors--well, I did. The Poet stayed outside to chew the fat with a cousin for a bit, forcing me to fend for myself after only a few minutes.

And I felt perfectly welcome. I was ushered into the kitchen to a lovely spread of baked goods. And before I could take a breath, it was pointed out to me that those muffins, the beautiful blueberry ones, were gluten-free. Homemade gluten-free blueberry muffins. They had searched out a recipe and the many flours it takes to reasonably substitute for wheat, then baked said beautiful muffins. I was (and kinda still am) blown away. Far beyond a mere thoughtful gesture, this family has so much love to give, they passed it onto someone that they'd not yet met.

Did you know I hadn't had a muffin in four months? Oooohhhhh my. What a treat!

The rest of the visit was easy and fun and filled with love and stories and laughter. When the goodbyes and hugs were said and done, The Poet and I drove away with full bellies and fuller hearts. It's good to see the tree from which the apple dropped...even if it rolled around a bit before finding a nice resting spot. This tree is a real beauty.


well......... said...

i love being a part of your life!

Chgoest said...

Love muffins turn to love handles! Get thee back to spin, my friend before I jump ship due to boredom. We were the talk of the gym for two days after our staged "walk out" and I had to handle the backlash alone. :~(

Glad you are enjoying the new romance. Great guy and a great family, wha?....are you living in the Twilight Zone? Ha!

Anonymous said...

Finally, a family that can impress THE baker! VERY impressive! Congratulations! Beth