Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No Skin Off My Nose

During my break between semesters, I was given the opportunity to house-sit...okay, really pet-sit...for my friends, the Perkins. They live south of KC and have 40+ acres and somewhere in the range of 75 animals. Okay...maybe a dozen.

But that's not the story here (humor me...I've got to get back into the blogging groove, as you well know). Big Sis and Casey shuffled their schedules and created time to visit me during that week so we could enjoy our first ever kid-free visit. Now, let me make it clear that we all completely adore our children. Both Casey and Big Sis homeschool, just as I did for many years. We take our jobs as mothers very seriously, but there comes a time...and we finally found that time.

Casey arrived on Sunday night and Big Sis on Monday morning. After a bit of chat, we all cleaned up, made sure all animals were fed and accounted for, then headed into the city for...well...we didn't quite know.

As we neared downtown, we juggled lunch choices, as well as what else to do to occupy our day. Mediterranean food won out, but the rest of our time was still up in the air. In jest, I suggested we get tattoos (I knew they wouldn't play along, but don't be surprised when I get one in the near future), then either Big Sis or my self (geez, neither of us could remember even an hour later!) suggested we get our noses pierced. Sis and I were both immediate takers, while Casey was a bit more hesitant.

During lunch, I texted a couple of friends for good, safe places for body piercings, and they both suggested the same place, and one even added that we should grab a pre-piercing adult beverage at an adjacent bar. So that's what we did.

One good cocktail each and we headed into Irezumi where, well, we looked nothing shy of out of place. Three middle aged (yes, I will acknowledge that) clean-cut, mom-ish women, all wanting to have their noses pierced. This probably happens more than I'd like to think, but for this story's sake, we'll pretend that we were a unique trio of revolutionary women adding art to their bodies and expressing their individuality (together). After a short wait, Beth took us into her studio where we would all eventually emerge with shiny (and maybe a bit bloody) studs on our noses. I was the first victim, and just as Beth promised, it was less painful than any other piercing I've had (four in the earlobe and twice in my cartilage). Sis and Casey followed with no tears shed, but more than our fair share of giggles.

About a month has passed and my nose has healed nicely. Sure, it's gotten knocked around a bit and one night I even whacked myself in the face and had to replace it at 4 a.m. (soooo not pretty). I fully realize that by all outward appearances I could easily be judged as going through a mid-life crisis. Mid-life...I can give you that one. Crisis...well, call it what you will, but I've never been happier.