Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Was Wrong.

What the #*@! does a 39 year old know about forever?


Billy Jo said...


a-dub said...

Three things that make me feel better. Instantly. (Because I am an instant gratification and instant resolution gal.)

1. Pigtails. Seriously, sport the pigtails and I swear you'll feel cute and refreshed! Almost like you don't have any responsibilies anymore.

2. Put elmer's glue on your fingernails and let it dry. Then, peel it off. Peeling anything feels good, I think. (Please don't sniff the glue. That is a different feel-good activity.)

3. Lay on the floor and put your feet on the couch. Kick your heals into the cushons and take several breaks to double-check that your ankles are the same size. If they match, you're good. Keep kicking.