Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday of Splendicity

Last night I was a melancholy mess. I tried to compose a post but could only find sadness and self pity. I wanted to share with you but the words and thoughts were stuck inside, quarantining the misery.

So I went to bed.

And that was sooo very unsuccessful. Insomnia...blah...blah...blah....we've heard it before, Jen. Whatever. Since the time change, I've been waking alarmingly early. Even earlier than I would have without the change, and last night I outdid myself. 3:30. Doing chemistry in my head...both that from class and that of love. Sorry. I'm not ready to divulge any of my discoveries. That's a different post.

So by 5:30, I was fed up with listening to my analogies. I got out of bed and laced up my new Nikes for a cool fall morning run. A cappuccino, my Greek yogurt, some good stretches and I was headed out the door. Not a fab run, but good enough. I've been taking the whole exercise thing to a ridiculous level for the last couple of weeks, so I didn't want to over-do my over-doing. After I returned home, I goofed with the kids for a bit then off to the store to fulfill their weekend breakfast requests. I decided that today would certainly be my last opportunity to scoot for some time, and as the market is only a few blocks away, the cold, wet air wouldn't do me in before I returned.

As Viv and I parked, I noticed a gentleman approaching. He wore a sincere smile and cheerfully greeted me. He came to admire the always glamorous Vivianna. She was flattered and accepted her compliment with grace. And then he and I began to chat. We must have both had our groovy-doovy positive thinker magnetic forces turned on this morning, because we enjoyed a great conversation and clearly had a big energy exchange going on. It was a bright ray of sunshine to an otherwise gray morning and absolutely reset last night's low mood.

Once home I made blueberry muffins (the kids have decided that is the Saturday morning tradition now) and a few other hot breakfast fixins. A bit later I was off to my second meeting of the day, this one planned. Cappuccino with Wasabi. Catching up with him absolutely warmed my heart and refreshed my spirit. And it wasn't even noon yet.

My afternoon was booked with the infamous Mrs Diggs and her crew. I had the corkscrew ready as soon as she crossed the threshold and we were gossiping and giggling before the kids settled into their places. We hadn't hung out since Halloween, which was manic to say the very least, and there was, as always, much to catch up on. Married folks love to live vicariously through me.

Once she moved on to her evening date with the fam, my house fell quiet. For about ten seconds. Then the kids started begging for more entertainment. I updated my facebook status, saying that my day had been spent basking in the glow of my friends' love and wondered who was coming over next. And then the best thing happened. Hostess Treat Claudia read the update from a sterile party. She twisted her hubby's arm and headed my way with her kiddos in tow. We enjoyed catching up until the under 15 crowd re-emerged from the basement and before long, her young son entertained us with his entrepreneurial aspirations.

Upon their exit, I realized my day and my heart were similarly full. From my whiny, leaky-eyed evening to a fabulous friend-filled day, I feel abundantly blessed and loved.

Tomorrow, however, I'm going to have to get back to that chemistry. The stuff from the book. Not as much fun as the love variety, but far more predictable...and with a lot more rules.

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