Thursday, November 26, 2009


I don't know that I've ever taken Thanksgiving know, to really look at life and all of the wondrous things that come my way, making my fabulous life fabulous-er. I go through times when I'm more gracious than others. Some days, weeks, months I can look around me and see that I lead a truly charmed life and have so many people to thank for it. Others I take for granted, wallowing in my own personal muck and mire, forgetting that I have indoor plumbing, a cat who won't let any rodents past the threshold and a Chair of Fabulosity.

And then there are those precious Three Little Diggs. In addition to having delightful, intelligent, resilient children, I occasionally remember to step back and be in awe that they are all amazingly healthy to boot. I am so blessed.

Need I go into that whole, "best friends in the world" rant again? Seriously. The Best. My family...even though somehow I fell off their political and religious wagon, they embrace me for who I am...or at the very least, they put on a darn good show (though I can only assume that there's a whole lotta prayin' goin' on when it comes to my eternal soul).

And while I have been known to shake my fist at my government, I am lucky to have been born in a country where few go hungry, most have a roof over their heads and all have a right to dissent. Add to that Pell Grants and federal student loans...I'm happy to live here.

I hope I express this gratitude every day. I hope those around me can see that this single mom driving a 13 year old minivan living by the skin of her financial teeth is as fortunate (or more so) than someone in a fancy-schmancy house with a maid and a retirement plan. And I hope you feel as blessed as I do.

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