Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's a Start...

Take a wild guess as to what happened when I got to my car on Wednesday after class.

Yes. Or rather, No. It didn't start.

And while on Monday when my car wouldn't work I tried to be grateful that it was not cold AND rainy, the Wednesday Cold (yes, it deserved to be capitalized) was a formidable foe and I was too chilled to find a reason to be gracious.

But Lab Partner Laura was still on campus and was able to attempt the (failed) jump and then kept me warm in her car while I called my mechanic who sent a tow (at his expense) who had a nice cozy cab on his truck and got me back to my little city, where Fab Miss K picked me up and brought me to Casa del Mar. Bonus: no tears.

But what on earth was plaguing Hot Red Speed? The boys at my shop were stymied. Wouldn't start yesterday, but then was fine today. And they couldn't get it to fail again. They fussed with it all day today hoping it wouldn't start so they could run more tests.

And then Joy Agent 007 called me. Mr. Joy Agent is a mechanic and she was generously offering his services. I gave her the story, she passed it to him and he said, "Pish, posh! That's not a fuel pump (what the shop was tending toward). That's water in the gas line!" And it all made sense. Two cold days. Once the car was at the shop it would start. Couldn't recreate the failure in a warm building.

So as all good Howrey girls have done for many years, I called Dad to confirm Mr. Joy Agent's theory. He gave it a big thumb's up. And I retrieved my car. I gave her a dose of fuel system cleaner and a tank of premium. She'll sleep warmly in the garage tonight and will hopefully gleefully take me to spinning early tomorrow, and a bit later, the kids to school.

Today had been filled thoughts of worst-case-scenarios of vanlessness or car payments or financial indebtedness to loved ones. I'm not quite done holding my breath as to the conclusion of my auto drama, but I'm certainly optimistic and hoping the prayer that the Shaman said over Hot Red Speed will hold.

And sitting in my warm home with the electric blanket preheating my bed, I can find lots of reasons to be gracious. Thanks.

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