Saturday, December 5, 2009

Seasons Change

Uggghh.....the holiday season is here. Incessant chirpy songs, bargain driven shoppers taking down their neighbors for a discount dvd player and misguided religious folk celebrating a birthday at the wrong time of the miserable.

Wait! That's the old Jen. So I'm exorcising my inner grinch this year. Fifteen years of intense distaste for Xmas is plenty. It's time to cheer up!

I have no reason to be crabby. My life is absolutely completely perfectly exquisite. There is nothing in my world that is not exactly what it should be. I have set myself up for an amazing rest-of-my-life. My children and I are healthy and thriving. I live in a comfortable, safe home. I have open access to higher education. My friends and family are the best available on the market today. I am loved.

Much of this holiday fuss appears to be based on greed and commerce in these United States, however I will enjoy it this go-round. I will enjoy it because my children anticipate it. I will enjoy it because my friends relish in it. I will enjoy it because it can bring out the best in people.

Though I doubt I'll win the Miss December pageant, (okay, Ms. December), this time will be better than its predecessors. I will not grumble at those who wish me a Merry Christmas. I will smile at the bell ringers, I will understand that though some act foolishly, most are sincere in their sentiment and truly thrill in giving to those they love.

The holiday at Casa del Mar won't be the visually impressive shiny box filled room that my kids might desire, but my wish is that this new-found spirit will instead overflow our home with a love for sharing that I can only hope is contagious. Hmmm...I think a warm and fuzzy feeling just tapped me on the shoulder. This might even be fun!


whoinsamhill said...

Re: Christmas. You're not alone you know. Your whole sentiment is shared in varying degrees by just about everyone. I think.

Anonymous said...


I LOVE LOVE LOVE christmas...I dont care the reason, I love the lights, the trees the decorations all the crazy crazy crazy of it. I love that you bake silly shaped cookies that you only bake that time of year. I love that you sing songs...only at that time of year. I love that I chop down a tree (OK< USED to chop down a tree) drag it inside and decorate just to undecorate and toss it out a month later (some people do this only for a week or 2)...ok, maybe not the tear down part so much...I love it all...the presents...well....I love gifts of course...but they are really, the after thought for me...the traditions of silly things are what I and silly others like myself love....

I am almost ashamed to admit this...but last year I even managed to wrap all gifts in coordinating colors. I LOVE it! LOVED it....How crazy is that....I didnt even want to unwrap the dang was just fun.

Lighten is FUN

Who cares if it is a box of bandaids or scotch tape....or whatever...



PS you can check with Jen...I am a holiday happy girl....I made her go to the lighting ceremony...and as she didnt suck as much as she thought it would...and I HAVE HER ON FILM HAVING A GOOD TIME!