Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Term Limits

Nearing the end of the semester...sheesh. Fall is a lot longer than summer! And the intensity toward the end of this term seems to be much greater. More than anything, I think the cumulative chem final is looming over any true relaxing I might wish to do over the course of the next twelve days.

But it really has been a great semester. One rather frustrating class, an easy, albeit uninteresting online one and then of course, chemistry. Can't believe I let that one slip past me in high school and my first go-round of college. It's so cool! And to be honest, I don't think you'll hear me judge any portion of my educational experience negatively. I am so excited for what I'm doing and where I'm going on a daily basis that the ick that accompanies any part of this amazing journey is swallowed up (much like a phagocyte might attack bacteria) by my awe of the fabulous possibilities that I see on the horizon.

But for now, phenomenal or not, I'm pretty tired. And am looking forward to the liquid lunch that will most certainly follow my final final on the 14th. You're invited.


Chgoest said...

You are doing great! Kickin' ass and taking names along the way.

Forgot that I have a speech at Creighton U. tonight and am staying in Omaha 'til noon tomorrow. I will spin at the Y in Omaha and think of you!


Sam said...

I'll be there to celebrate with you. In spirit, anyway.