Monday, January 4, 2010

"Stroke Joke!"

That's what Wasabi's eldest proclaims when a zinger is tossed my way. I've made good on my promise to use the brain damage as an excuse for my many mis-rememberings and social faux pas. So much so that my kids as well as Mark's ( he has a name now...) have taken a well deserved jab or two at my more-than-occasional silliness.

So I will take yet another shot at myself and add one more resolution to my ever-growing list. This one I had mentioned several times in the days leading to the new year, but forgot in my original post...because I have brain damage. (See how easy that is?!)
  • No trips to the ER in 2010.
There will be more than enough time spent in doctor's offices in the upcoming months, so the goal is to opt out of any late-night surprise visits. Sleep generally eludes me and all that poking and prodding and super sticky goo that attaches the EKG leads tend to distract me from the tossing and turning that is my familiar, almost comforting insomnia.

Okay, that should do it. Surely I've covered my resolution bases now...unless, of course, another one slipped through that hole in my heart.


Alexandra Petersen said...

I expected no less from you, silly girl! Question, though: Having just had to cancel/reschedule dinner plans that I have been planning since before the new year for a couple we have yet to meet (story for another time) because I scheduled it on our anniversary because I'm a dumbass....can I borrow your excuse for a minute, here?

Anonymous said...

I believe that should be the priority resolution....skip the rest.... I will just be so dang happy to do a joy dance when 2011 hits and you have made it .... dare I say .... drama free....

ok, lets keep the drama, skip the ER...

i gotta have drama somewhere

love you