Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Year That Is

Last January I threw down a few resolutions for all to see and before I knew it, I'd checked them all off my list. I hadn't previously been a big fan of the New Year routine, but drawing from last year's success and my new found holiday spirit, I'll play along again.

First: Kill fewer houseplants. I offed no less than five last year (not counting the windowsill basil that I have to regularly refresh). I have only five remaining, so to help me keep my resolution, please resist any carbon based gifts.

And I plan to keep my 4.0 g.p.a. be fair, I'm ignoring those pesky pre-thirty something grades. And I hope those reviewing my scholarship applications will do the same.

Like most folks, I wish to reel in my poor eating habits and up my veggie intake. You might think I keep a pretty tight rein on my diet, but my sweet tooth has spun far out of control lately and I need to reset the way I eat. How 'bout I start by eating when I'm actually hungry...

Part of the reason I'd like to eat better is so I can drop a few pounds so that when I run 26.2 miles I'm lugging around a little less mass. Yes, this year I'm shooting for a full marathon. Right now my sites are set on Lincoln, NE on May 2. I'll adjust my goal if this hole-in-the-heart thing becomes problematic, but until I'm told otherwise, training starts, well, very soon.

I hope to become a better mother this year too. 2009 was filled with new adventures and big changes and I spent more time focusing on me!me!me! than I'd like. Now that I have some sort of rhythm to my life, I need to focus on the little ones a bit more. It's time to delegate more responsibilities to them (which is time consuming and forces me to surrender control) and be a more on top of their school schedules (I'm continually shocked at those random days off). This whole parenting thing I took on is a pretty big gig. Time to get serious.

By the end of 2010, I'll be a mere semester away from graduation and a whole new set of lofty goals will present themselves to me. I think these few tasks should occupy a good portion of my time. I hope to spend the remaining minutes living more, laughing more and loving more...because those are a few of my favorite things.

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Sam said...

Jennifer, it's been such a pleasure reading about how you've taken deliberate steps to bring balance to the lives of both you and your family.

I'm inspired to read about how you face the obstacles that get placed in your life and seeing how you bravely and rationally dealing with them one by one. You're one of my heroes, and I can't wait to read about the challenges and opportunities that 2010 will bring in your life.

Happy new year!