Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bake Sale, Anyone?

That's Fab Miss Kristen's suggestion for saving Casa del Mar. Why, you ask, does Casa del Mar need saving? Because my landlord is going to sell it.


It's not that I haven't been a good renter...he appreciates how I have cared his house (my home). He has grown weary from the expenses of owning it. I'm guessing he bought into it at the top of the market and is now going out of pocket more than he's making off of me (remember he lowered his rent so I could move in? Rather nice, but not very business-savvy).

So there's a sign in my yard. And it makes me sad every time I see it. I have loved Casa del Mar from the moment I crossed its threshold. And it has loved me right back. This little house was my big leap out of a dead marriage and has been front and center for an astounding amount of personal growth. And I can appreciate it for all of those things.

It will be very hard to pack up my things and move away, but I know all will be well -- probably even better -- when I do so. Perhaps Casa del Mar has another job to do. Another person's life to change. She rolls like that, you know.

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