Friday, February 5, 2010

Busy as a...

...single mom going to college. Nah. Doesn't have much of a ring.

Spinning Marcy gently reminded me this morning that I hadn't blogged in quite some time. This is an indisputable truth and luckily, I have a jillion excuses for my lax behavior. Let's just hit one biggie. School.

I mentioned about a month ago that I was starting classes at UCM. Hardly worth the fuss (except it makes my Mondays really long), it's a whopping one hour in Warrensburg. About ten days later, my courses began at JCCC, coinciding perfectly with a very last minute trip that The Ex- took to Haiti. You might recall last winter he did some PR work for a mission in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. They asked him Tuesday at accompany a priest who was returning to the island and document some of the damage. He said, "yes" so I dropped my plans and picked up the slack. Wednesday at 8 a.m., my classes started. The kids had to be ready for school extra early three days a week and sitters were snagged for my late classes.

He returned stateside about six days later and by the next week had zipped off to Utah where he was shooting a documentary. So while my semester ramped up, I was having troubles getting into gear. The kids have been reasonably patient with my schedule, but we're all feeling the pressure of my madness (yes, I'm comfortable admitting to that).

He returns late tonight. Tomorrow I hope to get in some quality time with my beau, interspersed with cooking and studying and resting. I don't feel like I have a very good handle on my classes so far (organic and biochemistry, microbiology/lab...need I continue?) And next week brings a couple of tests to boot. I'm crossing my fingers that a quiet weekend will restore some balance, even if it's only my skewed version of it.

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