Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Favorite V.D.

I have spent many a year detesting Valentine's Day.

I'm not saying that I think it's all that great now. It's still a mostly sad holiday for those who can only muster up gestures of love and caring when prodded by Hallmark and Zale's. But, well, you kinda knew this was coming...this year was...a-ok.

Mark and I agreed that we would give the day only a smidge of attention. We gladly express our love for one another daily, and neither of us are swimming in cash so a simple something would more than suffice. As I was making heart-shaped gluten-free chocolate chip pancakes this morning, I glanced out the front window and sheepishly said to Audrey, "My boyfriend is here." (And I quietly wished I had combed my hair.) Mark surprised us with Valentine doughnuts and a pretty box of my oh-so-very favorite Christopher Elbow chocolates. And tucked neatly inside the box of gorgeous confections was a cd he'd burned for me.

Of all the gestures from all the men in all the years, I have never been so moved. I've already savored it three times. Each song was personally picked by my sweetheart and means something very special to our very special something. And that makes my heart smile.

I think my inner holiday cynic just shriveled up a bit more. Give me another year and I might actually be nice.

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