Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eight is Great!

Wouldn't you know it...I am unable to stop time (and quite frankly, with three children, have little desire to do so). Somehow eight years have passed since tiny Miss Audrey landed in my arms. And what a beauty she has become. Smart, funny, gorgeous and adding more to her resume everyday.

This year's celebration was at the roller rink. She invited just a few friends and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon. And as usual (though we did fail on one birthday since the separation -- foolish standoff...lesson learned), we managed a "family" get-together for the opening of gifties. The Ex- came to Casa del Mar and hung out for an hour or so, spending some time with Audrey on her special day. He also helped me get rid of more of the cake (I made it with gluten so I don't know how it tastes). There are numerous reasons to remain friends with your ex, and I think help with leftovers is pretty high on the list.

So the big advantage to her turning eight is that she is no longer required to ride in a car seat in the state of Kansas. The disadvantage? I have to re-learn my kids' ages.

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martin said...

I always like it when...
you have leftovers.

the kids are all either even numbered ages or odd. 14-10-8

and... you refer to me in a light not totally evil in your blog... especially with a link!

by the way, others have requested a nickname and we have never really talked about mine... the ex is just so, man, for someone as creative as you and me, weak sauce. so let's talk about the name...

- Martin X
- Strike One
- The Ex Factor
- babies daddy (i hope you strongly consider this one. I think it would sound great coming from your mouth)
- the Dude
- X-man

I have spend way to much time on this... get back and at me and let me know... i bet you have some great ones too.

enjoy you week off!