Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Am Yogurt. Hear Me Roar.

There's a person who doesn't like me.

Outrageous, huh? I mean, I'm as charming and delightful and fun and witty and wonderful as anyone you know, right?

Okay, okay, so perhaps I'm not everyone's favorite person. I do, however, like to pretend that everyone digs me, so when someone makes it perfectly clear that I'm the object of their disdain...well, it gives me the ickies -- so much so that it becomes all consuming. Yes, I need to finish my micro lab homework. Indeed, there is a chem test Friday. The house needs to be tidied, the laundry folded, the dishes washed, the scooter ridden (see how I just slipped that in?), the bills paid, the plants watered and the kids cherished. But I am single-minded in my need to remedy this dislike.

Gotta be honest...probably won't happen. This will likely be a long term, stand-offish, challenging relationship. And I suppose accepting that is as much a part of my growing up as any of the other big steps I've taken in the last couple of years. I also can see that with age, I've become a little more acidic (like yogurt, y'know) and am palatable to a less broad audience. So while my newfound pH is considered an improvement to some, it may very well be a turnoff to others. Too tangy, perhaps? Well, I could throw on some honey...and walnuts, of course, for character.

If I could only offer a reduced fat version of me...then surely everyone would like me.


Chgoest said... are talking about our favorite spin instructor aren't you?

I like yogurt. Give me a big scoop!

Anonymous said...

This can't be! This person mustn't read your blog, or they'd know that you were voted Best Personality your senior year in high school...and even now I think you'd be a top contender. Beth