Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Darkest Hour

These are likely the final hours of Mark's Mum's life. I'm sitting quietly, tears slowly streaming down my cheeks, knowing that the short visit I paid her today was the last.

She left the hospital about a month ago and entered a nursing home. Rehab was the goal, with daily physical therapy working toward her ability to get in and out of a wheelchair so she could return home. The care facility was mere blocks from Mark's place (which is also close to mine) so we visited frequently. Many days, I'd stop by going to or from class, sometimes visiting for just a few minutes and others chatting for longer. I did get my wish to talk to her a bit about her youth, her job as a microbiologist and her courtship with her husband of more than half a century. Not much for good dirt on Mark, though...

Last Sunday, Mark and I were sitting outside of Starbuck's with his parents. Just a week later, I said farewell. She has had a rough couple of years and the past months have been especially challenging. She's expressed her readiness for the pain to end and has said her goodbyes. Now we just wait.

Letting go of my selfish wish to have her longer should be easier.

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