Thursday, April 8, 2010

Devils Advocate

My Saturday was a mix of spinning, visiting Mark's Mum, studying, cooking, grocery shopping and lastly (after seeing my anxious boyfriend struggle through the day), watching the semi-final game of the National Championship. I relaxed on the couch, ready to be my Duke sweetheart.

As soon as the Blue Devils were on the court, he moved to the edge of the couch and became engrossed. Throughout the game, he chattered just as if he were in the arena, offering support and cheers -- I tried to throw in a silly joke now and then, but he didn't hear a word. With each commercial break he'd collapse for a couple of nervous minutes and then perked right back to the edge of his seat as the game recommenced.

It was a good game. The first half was fairly tight, but Duke came out for the 2nd and put on quite a talent show. When the buzzer sounded, Mark enjoyed the victory for about four seconds, then turned his nervous energy toward the final.

Sunday brought running and shopping and cooking and family visiting, some scooting, resting and studying too. Sprinkled throughout the day were indications of skittish excitement for the big game the following evening. In Monday morning's text message, he told me he was nervous, and when he came home from work, I made dinner...and he was nervous, then we visited Mum...and he was nervous, and finally we headed back to the couch and I sat back to watch mean the game.

And what a game it was! The play was spectacular and both coaches were class acts. It was a pleasure to watch and I while I was cheering heartily for Duke, (even found myself standing on the couch with two minutes left on the clock), I would have been (somewhat) happy for the boys from Butler had they pulled it off.

But they didn't. Mark's Blue Devils did it. And my beloved was able to go to bed with a smile on his face (although adrenaline kept him from actually sleeping).

Now, there's no photo of me just yet in a Duke shirt (though Alyssa Milano is surely my long lost twin). Don't hold your breath waiting for it, but don't be surprised to see me casually about town wearing one either. And as for Mr. X publishing embarrassing images of me...well, I do recall the divorce lawyer suggesting I put the division of photos in the decree. Perhaps he wasn't quite the dolt I thought him to be...

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