Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Embrace Your Inner Mrs. Diggs

Inevitably, when I tell someone about my friendship with Mrs. Diggs, they exclaim, "I want to hang out with you guys!" I mean, who doesn't love to put on a formal gown, knee socks and a wig then roller skate around the cul de sac wailing Air Supply songs? We all dream of having this friend, and as you well know, I'm livin' the dream.

Last night as I was looking for a kitschy gift or two for Mrs. Diggs' upcoming nth birthday, the saleslady offered her help. I told her a little bit about "us" so she could be of assistance, and naturally she expressed her desire to join our gang.

What I'm starting to think is that nearly everybody has a little bit of Mrs. Diggs in them. Everyone wants to let their hair down (or tuck it up into a purple wig) and let loose. And while I believe the reaction has a greater success rate with a Ms. Diggs/ethanol catalyst at 37 degrees C, we all have a preposterous someone inside, begging to be set free.

So please, embrace your inner Mrs. Diggs -- then let her run wild. The world needs more spontaneous ridiculosity.

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