Sunday, May 2, 2010

College Advisor

Seems I have a propensity to ramble. I'm unable to let a quiet room be. And that whole short-story-long superpower I posses, well, I only use it for [what I deem to be] good.

By the middle of the semester at yoga (yoga for college credit!) a few of us would chit-chat before class began. Occasionally someone from the perimeter would add their two cents. This, of course, was a clear indicator that everyone was listening to me and truly valued my, er, um, wisdom.

I've really enjoyed getting to know some of my classmates. Most of them are barely out of high school and have the sweetest lofty goals. I'm excited for anyone who has big dreams -- that's what I was lacking in my youth.

One especially sweet gal and I talk before class nearly every day. She isn't particularly set on her life's ambition. She's finishing her A.A. in something along the lines of retail management and is climbing the ladder at a major chain, but...turns out she kinda sorta wants to be an art instructor someday and feels lost without an art class in her schedule.

So I start spewing advice...more loudly than usual...
  • Finish your degree
  • Travel while you're young
  • Never stop learning
  • Get your life in reasonable order before you start making little people
  • Experiences are better than stuff
  • Be open to change
  • Don't get a dog yet
I'm sure the majority of them roll their eyes at the crazy middle-aged lady that talks too loudly. I'd imagine that if there were a crazy middle-aged lady in one of my classes when I was a punk-ass kid, I'd have ignored her too.

In all likelihood, a good percent of these gals will eventually go through something similar to what I have. After five, ten, 15, maybe even 30 years in a committed relationship, something will go awry. And maybe they'll think back to the crazy middle-aged lady from yoga class and realize she wasn't so crazy. And because they were younger and wiser than me and finished their college degrees, they will have that Plan B in their back pockets and they will pick up the pieces of their shattered lives quickly and painlessly and simply move on.

At the very least, perhaps a couple of them will think twice before they adopt a dog with their boyfriend.

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Anonymous said...

I wish that I'd had a "middle-aged mom" around to spew such ideas my way a number of years ago. I've been trying to "meditate" on what I wish that mom would have been helping to encourage me to do, but so far no specifics. I'll keep at it, and maybe I need to stop focusing on what will work given my "two kids in two places & a husband that isn't as available as I'd like challenge." Thanks for the hope that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Beth