Sunday, June 27, 2010

Party of the Decade

Birthday Month is almost over. The big day has passed. I have been gifted and fed and loved. I think it's okay if you wish to resume your normal lives. I'll surrender the center of attention to someone else now.'s alright.

I said there'd be revelry. And there was. Mark threw a party in my honor last night, and it was an absolute blast. My diverse group of friends gathered into some kind of melting pot (it was pretty warm, after all) and we noshed, drank and giggled until late in the night (my version of late might be a bit more tame than yours, but hey, I'm forty after all.)

Mark made a menu and did most of the cooking/prepping. I was merely his sous chef--and we put together an ample spread for our guests. Mrs. Diggs created the atmosphere, very 70s, with decorations and attitude. She was also charged with acquiring the cake -- the top layer was gluten free, and perfectly delicious. Guests included, but were not limited to, Spinning Marcy, Concert Katrina, Sparky & Billy, Fabulous Kristen, Hostess Treat Claudia, Joy Agent, The Senstaional Sarah Sutherland, Tattoo Steve -- many of these with their counterparts -- along with some previously un-blogged about friends. The yet un-nicknamed included Hollie, Karen +1, Deborah + 1, and Mark's father, Geoff.

As I said, they're a diverse crew. And while I did my best to circulate among the crowd, they did a lovely job of making new friendships in my little circle. They're my friends, therefore they're great people. Of course they're going to be good minglers.

The consensus among the gift-givers seemed to be that I might run out of wine sometime soon and many did their best to prevent such a tragedy. Phew! This is a great relief to me. And I won't get totally list-y right now, but I'll just say that while I wasn't expecting any presents (this is how poorly socialized I am, I suppose), I was tickled with each and every expression of friendship.

As the evening dwindled and the crowd thinned, conversations grew more intimate and the balloons donned my new underthings. I say this all the time...I have the best friends in the world.

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