Thursday, June 17, 2010

Synapses Synopsis

I'm sure your days and nights are spent wondering when I'll author another post. You check daily to learn of my new adventures and insights, recipes and medical emergencies.

There are several incomplete posts in my archives -- and I have no intention of publishing them. This blog was borne of my need to vent, but sometimes just getting the words out of these fingertips is enough. I hardly want to burden you with the crap swirling around my head (and there's been an inordinate amount of it lately). What I have to say might hurt your feelings. Perhaps it's time I become a food blogger and leave all my personal juicy bits behind.

While I'm on this break between semesters, you'd think I'd have witty observations to share, but it's more like I sit, looking at the monitor, thinking, occasionally typing -- then deleting. Not up for sharing? Perhaps. Tired. Absolutely. Something better I should be doing? Did someone say 'laundry'?

So let's see...four weeks between least my to-do list is getting shorter. The kids and I managed to find the floors to each room in the house. Still waiting to learn which side of my PFO occluder study I've fallen into. I've started training for the Mother Road Marathon in October. Viv needs to get to the shop for a cough and ill behaved turn signals. I've lost a few of those seven pounds. And I blew New Years Resolution #2 and ended up with a B in chem. I'm reading a book that is of neither the text nor the cook variety. I'm crazy about my kids. I adore my boyfriend.

And that birthday is just around the corner. I'm anxiously awaiting claiming Forty as my own. There will be revelry.

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Chgoest said...

You did get a B in chem! Ah well, you gave it all you could and you are a great student student overall. Looking forward to the birthday party next week!