Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On a Related Note...

Some time ago when I shared with you my second chance with Wasabi, I listed a few of the things I feared I'd lost while in my previous relationship:
"I always felt he and I would be lifelong friends. I thought we'd continue to meet for coffees long into the future. I thought we'd invite each other to our eventual weddings. I thought I'd send his kids graduation cards."
While I can't knock all of these off the list, I hit one in particular this week. I recalled this post as I penned a message to his eldest, celebrating his graduation from high school. I vividly remember during our "interim coffees" listening to tales of his charming children, thinking I'd drop them a line once they crossed that stage. They may or may not have known who I was, but I'd been cheering them on from afar for some time and figured I'd want to somehow mark the moment.

So while The Poet and I were trying to make things work -- and I de-friended Mark on facebook (there, I admitted it!) -- I grappled with these little somethings I had given away that added up to a big something (the disposal of a friend). The act of scribbling a note to each of his children -- or rather, not scribbling a note to each of his children, weighed heavily on my heart, and most certainly contributed to the demise of that courtship.

So I guess we're one down-two to go for grad cards. "Lifelong friends" I'd like to say is in the bag, "coffees long into the future" is a work in progress, and as for "eventual weddings," well, if I ever make that commitment again, I do hope he's somewhere nearby.

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