Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finding Closure

Alright alright if you haven't grown to expect the beginning of any given semester to result in a long silence. You'd think that by now I would have learned that the first week is terrifying and then things start to fall into place. Nope. I think I'll let the next two semesters do the same thing to me. I'd hate to shake things up, after all...

Shake things up, you say? Okay. How 'bout surgery? Would that do it? A bit more than a week ago, I learned that I had fallen into the put-a-foreign-body-into-your-heart category of the cardiology study. I decided I'd write about it when I knew the date. And now I know. This Thursday. Scheduling within the parameters of the study as well as coordinating between two cardiac surgeons has me scrambling a bit. Oh well. Like I told a friend, it would hardly fit into my ridiculous life if it were as simple as taking an aspirin and filling out paperwork now and then, right?

So in a mere four days, I'll wake early, squeeze in my run, dash to school for a test, head back, grab an overnight bag and then stroll into surgery. One med center sleepover and I'll be home in time for lunch on Friday.

And then I'll return to my average, uneventful life.

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Anonymous said...

Your life is a lot of things, but NOT so average. But I'm hoping that your surgery is "average," as in uneventful. Seems fitting that you should improve with age, sort of like a fine wine. Hugs to you, Beth-sey