Sunday, August 29, 2010


Because there's no possible way for me to wrap up a month's worth of activities in a few paragraphs -- but mostly because I didn't remember much last night beyond the rather obvious updates -- I offer this amendment to the previously mentioned condiment.

Housing: I get to stay at Casa del Mar! The landlord was able to re-work his loan and is keeping the house and keeping me in it. Over the last several months, I've lived in a delicious state of denial, pretending I wouldn't need to leave, and it worked out fabulously. To not face a big move smack in the middle of school/internship is a huge burden lifted.

Goodbyes: No one told me that when I fell for Mark, I'd fall for his family too. His eldest moved out last week -- to Vanderbilt University -- and I kinda miss the kid. While Mark was surprised by his own strong reaction to the goodbye, I found myself reflecting on my [first] exit to college as well as looking forward to letting each of my Three Little Diggs fly the coop. I hope my kids will let me be involved in their secondary educational choices. And I hope they let me see them off. (I packed up the Maverick and moved away one day with almost no notice. Steve Norman had dumped me a few hours earlier, after all).

Sharing: Though Mom referred to me as "Share Girl" when I was little, that doesn't necessarily apply anymore -- most certainly not in the kitchen. But one day in an angry fit, I told the kids they were going to have to start contributing more to the management of the household. And the only thing I could think of at the time was to tell them they had to help with food prep. That temporary loss of sanity (bite your tongues) has resulted in some spectacular meals, as well as an exercise in stepping far outside my comfort zone. On weekends that the kids are with me, they each are charged with the planning and cooking of one meal. The other two have to take over clean-up for said meal. Empanadas, Chicken Tikka Masala and Pad Thai were our first big successes. Look for more fab food in the future. I'll get to work on that "History of Food Service" paper. Woo hoo?

Saturday, August 28, 2010


The ol' blog is not so much a priority these days, ya know...

In an attempt to catch up to a certain degree, I'll do a quick synopsis of the last month.

Chicago: Wow. Completely amazingly spectacularly fabulously fun. Mrs Diggs and I are kindred quirky spirits and both have partners who understand that our need to spend time with each other is just that -- a need. While Mark fits the bill for 98% of my social (and anti-social) tendencies, Mrs Diggs is the only person who understands the other 2% of me. I think Jack (Mrs Diggs' 98% fella) and Mark would have been astonished and embarassed by our ridiculosity. And I'm pretty sure they'll support future sanity getaways for she and I. And if they don't...well...tough.

Running: I'm back on track. My complete and total freak-out over marathon training getting derailed was all for naught. As per Running Jamie's suggestion, I switched from a rather intense schedule to the one she used for her first few marathons. And except for breaking the rules once on the last weekend of my may-not-run-longer-than-six-miles stretch, I've been obedient and am now just where I should be. I wonder if the snap-crackle-pop of my ankles is part of the plan...

School: Hey! I'm a senior! It should prove to be a challenging semester, but a fruitful one for the most part. I don't have a carpool partner, so the drives have been far less entertaining. But the classes are pretty cool and I'm really excited about my medical and advanced nutrition classes. I'm beginning to better understand the necessity of the internship in addition to a degree. I just don't think that without a big chunk of hands-on experience that a fresh grad would have it in him/her to be a good dietitian. I'm going to be a great dietitian.

Alright. Let's see if I can check in here a little more frequently again. If not, let me remind you once again: I'm a senior.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

School ended. I really want to do a cutsey little synopsis of the time spent getting an A in my cooking class vs. time spent getting an A in a nutrition class (sooooo not what I was anticipating) and how Running Jamie was a huge ray of sunshine (she likes to run, she likes to eat, she shared the driving burden) and how mid-semester surgery isn't completely terrible (except for the broccoli). But right now I don't have the time for that.

I finished classes on Thursday and have had the kids since then, trying to keep them entertained, feed them and squeeze in my runs while they sleep (woot!) This morning, however, I'm taking a bit of a turn from my pedestrian life.

I'm going to Chicago.

Several years ago, Mrs. Diggs and I decided we needed a girls-only trip. It was a cute fantasy at the time. Our kids were young and my future was in question (still in the marriage, though in definite doubt of its stability). We touched on the subject a couple of times since, but with me in school and living on student loans and uncanny good fortune, I figured we were a few years away from our fabled escape.

But on my 40th birthday, she gave me a vibrant purse. Tucked into the purse (which included the cutest pink flask!) was a card. And in that card was a poem. And that poem promised a trip to Chicago. I was blown away.

A week or so later, she hounded me for scheduling conflicts and before I knew it, a plane ticket had my name on it. And the date on that ticket is today's.

So I guess I need to wash of this morning's run, double check my suitcase and make muffins (it's Sunday, after all), take the kids to Mr. X's place and hop on a plane. Three days with one of my very favorite people promises to be riddled with ridiculosity.

Or maybe we'll just nap.